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Develop a rapport with every student that visits your campus. The better the visit, the more likely a potential student will enroll.
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Enhance all student visits to your campus by putting a mobile feedback tool in their hands in which they can easily chronicle their experiences with pictures, comments and a customized survey created with the Influx Team. Using the specialized Influx dashboard, your team can respond to visitor feedback while they are still on campus and personalize follow up correspondence to capture the tour visitors you want to enroll.

The Program

Every college has a unique opportunity to engage every aspiring student who visits its campus to take a tour and evaluate the school's look and feel. Using the innovative Influx IV suite of products, a college can have real time connections to all tour visitors. Influx delivers a customized feedback tool to the mobile device of all visiting students, who then load their pictures, comments and reactions to the campus visit directly into the Influx dashboard viewed by your college admissions team. With this tool, your admissions team can react in real time to a student's questions and interests missed on the tour while the tour taker is still on campus. The survey can also be taken by the student's parents, providing another direct link from the college admissions department to the aspiring candidate.

The Influx IV tool set provides personalization and specialization to the tour process that will enhance the opportunities for the college admissions staff to get to know the students who have interest, and to select those most qualified and interested in choosing their school to complete their undergraduate education.

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