Influx Ventures

The Influx collaborative educational platform links colleges to secondary schools and their students throughout the U.S., so that students will select the best colleges to complete their education and are strategically positioned for effective career placement.

Our Goals

Influx Ventures is a benefit corporation that strives to provide a more successful educational experience to young adults as they matriculate from high school to the post-secondary institution of their choice. It uses custom, designed data capturing tools that have the look and feel of common social networking platforms in order to analyze and display the information collected by the students using it. Influx's analytics generate profiles of the best college options for students across the nation and provide them the best post secondary school choices so that these young adults can have the educational foundation to be the leaders of tomorrow. To learn more about our goals and the partners who are helping us reach them, visit the Influx Community page.

  • Percentage of college grads who do not finish college where they start.
  • Average retention rate at four year colleges in the US.
  • 4-year college graduation rate.
  • Percent of high school completors enrolled in a 4-year college in 2012.

Our History

Influx Ventures was started after its founders participated in volunteer programs in local public high schools to help under-privileged teens improve their test scores and find the right colleges. Throughout the program the founders emphasized that the right college was not just based on the test scores and GPA of others admitted but on how a college looked and felt to the student. The program also focused on the career goals/interests of participants and college programs that had the right curriculum to create opportunities following graduation. Application of these criteria in the college selection process proved to be highly successful. Based upon this experience, Influx Ventures was formed to develop technology solutions to inexpensively provide these programs to every US student.

The Influx Ventures team has been developing the platform for over two years. It has been tested at both public and private institutions and is constantly being improved to provide a better experience to students, parents and counselors.

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