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Influx Ventures provides a unique tool for school counselors to assist in providing guidance to their students and parents through the college selection process. The Influx Dossier is a timesaver as it puts at your fingertips a portrait of every college that your students tour, and the Influx dashboard organizes each student's college tour experience for you to guide each of them and their parents to the best college choice.

The Program

Use the Influx tools - College Scout and Influx Dossier - at your high school to help improve your school's matriculation rate and students' college retention rates. Your goal is to help your students find the best college - a good fit from enrollment to career placement. The College Scout is an easy to use web based feedback tool to make your life easier, so you can maximize your time with each student. Use Influx tools to enhance the student college search and selection process, and spend less time compiling data and colleges choices in an antiquated system. The platform captures pictures, comments, and questions of each of your students on every college visit and compiles them in a personal portfolio that can be readily accessed throughout his/her high school career.

All student submissions are loaded into the Influx Dossier, a web based dashboard which you and your team can view and refer to during student advisory sessions. The Influx Dossier also offers college statistics such as cost, demographics and academic ranking. As students at your school visit colleges around the country, the Dossier will create a profile about what students at your school think about each college. Having student college feedback side by side with profiles of each college makes each student counseling session more productive. No more looking through your notes for student history or pestering your students about their responses to each college visit – all of this information is right in front of you in the Influx Dossier.

QUESTION: How can the College Scout help my students who won't be visiting many schools on their own?

ANSWER: We ask that every student fill out a preference based self-assessment survey about where she or he would like to go to college. This way when similar students based on the self-assessment results start visiting schools, their feedback can be anonymously shared with your students. This information coupled with a virtual tour has proven to be a solid substitute for the college visit.

QUESTION: When is a good time to get my students to use the College Scout?

ANSWER: School sponsored college campus visits are a great time to get students to use the College Scout. After a tour, have all students submit their results on their smartphones when back on the bus or gathered as a group. Other great times to sign up and walk students through the process can be at the start of classes held in the computer lab, advisory periods or homeroom.

QUESTION: How much does the College Scout cost?

ANSWER: It is FREE. Influx is offering its platform to US Public High Schools at no cost. We want all students to have the opportunity to identify which college is their best fit. Private schools pay $200/year for the platform and the full product is $20/student.

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