Influx Recruiter

Discover the information you need from recruits before an official visit.
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What is the Influx Recruiter?

A customized questionnaire for college coaches that operates within the NCAA guidelines for recruits during their college selection process. This communication tool helps your coaching staff discover the information scouting reports won't tell you before an official visit.

An exclusive snapshot for member colleges of eligible recruits and what their targeted college choice should provide to them, such as:

  1. - Facilities quality and sports sponsorship relationships;

  2. - Academic choices for post-graduation careers;

  3. - Access to study abroad and other off-season study options; and

  4. - Flexibility for participation in non-athletics clubs.

Completely customizable to answer FAQs on the individualized experience of an athlete recruited to your school.

A web-based tool that has been filtered to club teams throughout the secondary school sports market.

An easy and inexpensive way to enhance your year round recruiting management.

Includes an online dashboard that tracks all submissions from recruits in real time.

Membership includes access to multi-sport dashboard at $500 per sport per season; Multiple sport membership discount.

In addition, The Influx Recruiter supports your school's summer camp marketing program using a unique interface to engage your preferred recruits to sign up for your summer camps, which increases revenue to your sports program and creates stickiness with desired recruits.

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