To all parents providing support to their children in the college selection process.
Parents reviewing campus tour results with daughter
  1. Can't get a word out of your child after a school led college campus tour?

  2. Unsure which college is best for your child?

  3. Have a 9th grader tagging along to your 11th grader's spring break college visit trip?

  4. Working with a private guidance counselor?

  5. Want to find the best college for your child that you can afford?

The Influx products for high school students create a unique file of all your son's or daughter's college tours for your review with your child and school and/or private counselors before making the final college choice. Have your student get started in the process early. All tour feedback submissions are saved in each of your student's accounts for the entirety of their high school careers.

The Influx Dossier will profile your child's campus visits with their pictures and comments to show the hits and misses of each tour - the look of the campus, the dorms, the campus theatre, the sports facilities. So even if you can't be there, you can still understand what your child likes or doesn't like about a particular school.

Join the process and gain access to your student's Dossier today!

The Program

Influx provides the best way for your child to share her or his college campus tour experiences, using the Influx College Scout. Your child can access the mobile feedback tool via the web browser on her or his smartphone - no app download needed! At every college, encourage your child to take pictures throughout their visit and at the end of the campus tour, answer the survey, record comments and submit photos when the visit is still fresh in their memory.

All your child's tour experience submissions are then routed to the Influx Dossier, a dashboard that captures and organizes each college experience, including:

  1. - Unique pictures of your child's picks and pans of each college visit;

  2. - Ratings from all of the colleges in her/his must visit list;

  3. - A record of all feedback from meeting the admissions team and its college tour guides; and

  4. - Comments from you and your child as to which colleges are hits or misses.

The Influx Dossier is accessible on the web via your computer or tablet and summarizes for you in real time all the results of all your child's tours. The Influx Dossier makes your family's decision process so much easier, by sorting all visits over your child's high school years, and highlighting favorite pictures and comments about the colleges she/he visited. The Influx Dossier also creates for you a specialized portrait of each college visit and will become the key driver when you and your child get down to crunch time in the decision process.

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