Influx Community

The Influx Community is here to help every high school student regardless of economic means secure a seat in college as a platform for a successful career.


The Influx Community was created to offer high school students access to all the tools they need to find the best colleges for them at the lowest cost. Through this program, Influx offers all its products to qualified public high school students for free and has partnered with other educational companies to offer their products to students at substantial cost savings. Influx carefully selects each partner based on its commitment to making the education process a successful pathway to a rewarding career for every teen. Influx also partners with community based non-profit organizations to grant access to scholarships and other forms of financial aid for its users.

A major problem in the current college placement system that The Influx Community seeks to resolve is with college costs skyrocketing, students, especially with financial challenges, target the same limiting number of schools while other colleges of equal quality and value struggle to locate and engage these students for enrollment. To remedy these issues, The Influx Community empowers college admissions departments and high school counselors and the students and parents they guide, with collaborative tools via our college campus tour products and our unique college search system to match all students to their best college choices. The Influx Community Partners contribute all the necessary tools for students to qualify for the institution they choose.

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