Prime Student

Digitize your campus tour feedback program and convert more potential students who visit your campus into enrolled students.
Prime Student

Influx provides colleges the best way to find interested students. After prospective students visit a college campus, Influx's algorithms analyze their experiences and find the best college to connect them to based on what they liked and didn't like about the campus they visited. Colleges can reach out to the student and parents only after the student verifies her/his interest in the college Influx suggests.

Influx Prime Student is a combination of three tools:

1) Influx's Mobile Feedback Tool: Simple to complete, a customizable mobile survey to take the place of written comment cards;

2) The Influx Dossier: A dashboard that collects all the information submitted from the feedback tool and creates a profile for each visitor that participates;

3) Lead Generation: Access to global high school students using the Influx College Scout platform.

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