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For those looking to find the right program after high school.

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We work with college sports programs across the nation to help them get as much information as possible from the recruits they are evaluating for their programs. Influx also provides student athetes with invaluable information about how college programs differ for student athletes seeking to major in a specific academic area. The process was engineered to help student athletes at any level find the best program to fit their specific needs.

The Program

Identifying the right athletic collegiate program is a tricky process. Our work is twofold: first, based on your academic background, our platform identifies programs that are looking for players like you. Second, we equip you and your parents with all the information about these programs, including limitations that exist for student athletes to pursue certain majors while participating in sports programs. Our goal is for you to play your sport in a program that is the best place for you athletically and academically.

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